Copper mesh foil as current collector for lithium battery-Two types in stock

Microporous copper foil is a new type of collector for lithium batteries. It can maximize the physical and chemical properties of the foil itself by secondary processing on the basis of the original copper foil of lithium batteries and hole-making by mechanical processing.

Functional characteristics
It can effectively improve the specific energy of batteries.
It can effectively improve the rate function of lithium battery.
It can effectively reduce the internal resistance of the battery.
It can improve the infiltration of electrolyte in the core.
It can enhance the external adhesion of foil.
Technical Index(Two types)
Thickness(um) 9
Width(mm) 290/110mm
Mesh width 260/100mm
Pole size(mm) 0.25/0.03-0.05
Hole distance(mm) 0.8/0.2


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