Aluminum&Nickel/Ni-Cu tabs for lithium battery

Aluminum,Nickel,Nickel-plated on Copper tabs for EV power battery.

Brief Introduction Of Tab Specifications

Conductor specifications


Positive tab...Aluminum with purity above 99.5%

Negative tab...Nickel with purity above 99.5%

Negative tab...The purity of copper nickel-plated copper is above 99.5%


Thickness 0.10-0.30mm
Width 4.0-100.0mm

Heat sealing insulation tape specifications

Material thickness
(single layer)

White glue (0.08mm-0.3mm)

Tab structure

Conductor length

According to customer needs

Insulation tape width

According to customer needs

Insulating tape length and total thickness

According to customer needs


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