Universe Glove box for pilot/production

Basic configuration 

Unilateral operation, integration have simple columnar purification unit, controlled by PLC and touch screen operation.

Vacuum pump, support, a sealing box, with sloping operating side and can removable

Full front of glass window. Under the standard status,that is to say,the constant temperature of 20℃,relative humidity is 65%,a standard atmospheric pressure,

99.999% of inert gas source,empty box running, water oxygen index less than 1 ppm


Main including:

 a 304 stainless steel box,acidproof,thickness 3mm

 s vacuum adapter module made of stainless steel,diameter 360mm,length 600mm,right side

 a small adapter module,diameter 150mm,length 300mm,right side

 4 sight glasses (with 2 glove ports/each ); transparent toughened glass, thickness min.8mm

 4 pairs of butyl rubber gloves

 4 set of lighting system

 the power source inner

 the high performance circulation fan

 4 blind flanges DN 40

 stents casters

 pedal switch

 and Edward vacuum pump

 1 set of water analyzer

 1 set of oxygen analyzer 

 1 set of solvent absorber


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