Planetary dispersed vacuum mixer-5L


Scope of application: All kinds of common battery powder and liquid mixing dispersion, and finally get a evenly mixed battery slurry. Ideal for high viscosity processes; Suitable for working condition viscosity range ≤ 1.2 million cP.


Lower barrel unit

1. Total design volume: 8L
2. Effective volume: 2.7-5L
3. Container diameter: 240mm
4. Container depth: 180mm
5. Container material: Part in contact with material 304
6. Temperature control jacket form: barrel wall single-layer jacket for cooling or heating; Barrel bottom single jacket for cooling or heating
7. Temperature control jacket interface: G3/8", with quick-opening loose connector, jacket pressure ≤0.4MPa
8. Temperature control jacket circulation system: customer's own, recommended jacket inlet temperature ≤8℃, cooling water flow > 3.5L/min
9. Discharge form: a G1/2" three-piece discharge ball valve at the bottom of the barrel
10. Design ambient temperature: -10 ~ +120°C
11. Movement mode: caster mobile

Mixing unit
1. Working frequency: 5-50hz
2. Mixing power: 1.5kw
3. Mixing impeller speed: 10-98rpm
4. Planet box speed: 5-50rpm
5. Mixing paddle diameter: 124mm
6. Mixing paddle style: variable section spiral twist type, 90° helix
7. Mixing paddle material: 304
8. Impeller linear speed: 0.06-0.6m/s
9. Number of mixing paddles: 2
10. Distance between paddle and paddle: 7±2mm
11. Distance between paddle and barrel wall: 2+1mm
12. Distance between paddle and barrel bottom: 2+1mm

Dispersed unit
1. Working frequency: 5-50hz
2. Distributed power: 2.2kw
3. Dispersion speed: 610-6100rpm
4. Dispersion disc diameter: 70mm
5. Scatter disk style: zigzag
6. Dispersion plate material: 304
7. Dispersion linear speed: 2.2-22m/s
8. Number of dispersion disks: 1
9. Number of dispersion axes: 1


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