AME-HED-01 Handheld Electrospinner

Application field

Experimental teaching: Electrospinning technology is the easiest way to prepare one-dimensional nanofibers. The process includes a variety of physical knowledge. The spinning process is intuitive and vivid, with high interest and inspiration, which is important for the popularization of nanofiber technology. push.

Scientific research: This product can be used for electrospinning of various solution systems, and it can easily realize the in-situ deposition of electrospun fibers, which has good application prospects in many fields.


Portable: This product is the smallest electrospinning instrument in the world at present.With the characteristics of strong usability, no external power supply is required, and it can be operated by one person and one hand, which is flexible to carry and easy to operate;

Safety: The internal high voltage of this product has been specially treated, and normal operation has no electricity for short-distance discharge to the human body,If it is dangerous, you can operate it with confidence according to the instructions in this manual;

Orientation: ion wind and directional cover double assist to achieve directional deposition of electrospun fibers.

Product parameters

Input voltage

3v (two AAA batteries)

The output voltage


total power


Compatible syringe

5ml disposable syringe


120×50×30 mm3


110 g

Spinning distance


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