Double Channel Syringe infusion pump

Syringe pump is composed of circuit, pump body, button button, syringe pressure plate and liquid crystal display. The medical staff inputs the injection parameters through the keyboard buttons, and after the control circuit automatically calculates the pulse signal required for the stepping motor to rotate, the stepping motor is rotated. The rotation of the stepping motor drives the pusher to push the syringe through the gear, timing belt and screw rod. At the same time, the control circuit receives various signals through the sensor at any time to judge whether the current injection state is normal. Once there is an abnormal situation, an audible and visual alarm can be issued, and the injection will be automatically interrupted to ensure the safety of the injection.




Double channel Syringe Infusion Pump

Total infusion

0.1-999.9mL (increase or decrease ≥0.1mL)

Rated power


Flow rate accuracy


Drive accuracy






Suitable Syringe type

10mL, 20mL, 30mL, 50mL disposable syringes

Blocking pressure

Three levels adjustable: low (40 soil 15kpa); medium (60±20kpa); high (120 soil 25kpa)

Flow rate setting range

50mL syringe: 0.1-600mL; 30ml syringe: 0.1-400mL;

20mL syringe: 0.1-300mL; 10ml syringe: 0.1-200mL.

Quick injection

50mL syringe: 600 mL/h; 30ml syringe: 400 mL/h;

20mL syringe: 300 mL/h; 10ml syringe: 200 mL/h.


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