Plasma cleaning machine-5L

5L plasma cleaner is a compact, non-destructive cleaning device. The plasma cleaner uses low air pressure to excite plasma as a cleaning medium, thereby effectively avoiding secondary pollution caused by the liquid cleaning medium to the object to be cleaned. The device is equipped with a mechanical vacuum pump, while vacuuming maintains the vacuum of the chamber, the pollutants after the plasma reaction can also be pumped away by the vacuum pump; therefore, the short-time cleaning can completely clean the organic pollutants.

In addition to the cleaning function, this small plasma cleaner can change the surface properties of some materials according to the needs under certain conditions. During the cleaning process, the glow discharge of the small plasma cleaner not only enhances the adhesion, compatibility and wettability of these materials, but also disinfects and sterilizes the materials.

Main parts



Cleaning the chamber

Chamber material

High purity quartz

Chamber size

Diameter 200 mm; Length 170 mm

RF power supply

Power supply features

The power supply is an all-solid-state RF power supply, and adopts a high-stability and high-reliability power amplifier module and a DC module, which effectively ensures the RF power output of the power supply. High quality electronic components are used to ensure the reliability of the products.

Power advantage

 Long time normal operation

 Simple and flexible operation

 High power supply efficiency and low heat generation

 With perfect reflection power protection function 

RF power

0~500W continuously adjustable/0~1000W continuously adjustable

Signal frequency

13.56MHz ±0.005%

Reflected power


Power stability


RF connector

N type connector

Machine efficiency


Harmonic component

≤-50 dBc

cooling method

Forced air cooling

Gas measurement

Measuring unit

Float flowmeter

Gas channel

Two channels

A channel range


B channel range



Vacuum measurement

Digital vacuum gauge (resistance gauge)

Vacuum pump

Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump

Motor speed

50 Hz: 1440; 60 Hz: 1720

Pumping rate

50 Hz: 1.1L/s; 60 Hz: 1.3L/s

Vacuum range


Ultimate vacuum


Motor noise


Pipe interface

Gas inlet: KF16; exhaust port KF16.

Connecting pipe

KF16 vacuum bellows

Vacuum valve

Solenoid valve

Motor Power



Power supply

AC220V 50/60Hz

Total power


Operating temperature

-10℃- 40℃

Working vacuum


Overall size        


Total Weight

80kg (including packaging)


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