Desktop dual-source thermal evaporation coating machine

This product is a desktop small dual-source evaporation coating instrument. The equipment is equipped with two sets of evaporation sources. Each evaporation source is powered separately, which can be turned on alternately or at the same time; each evaporation source can provide maximum 100A coating current, maximum evaporation The temperature can reach 1800℃, which can meet the vapor deposition of various common metals and some non-metallic vapor deposition.




Power supply

AC220V, 60Hz

Installation conditions

1. Use environment temperature 25±15, humidity 55%Rh±10%Rh;

2. Equipment power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, must be well grounded;

3. Rated power: 2500w;

4. Equipment gas: the equipment chamber needs to be filled with argon for cleaning, and the customer needs to prepare argon, pureDegree ≥99.99%;

5. The size of the working table is 600mm×600mm×700mm, and the load-bearing capacity is more than 70kg;

6. Ventilation is required for placement.

technical parameter

1. Number of evaporation sources: 2, each evaporation source is equipped with baffles;

2. Evaporation source voltage: 10V

3. Evaporation current 0100A continuously adjustable

4. Equipped with 2 tungsten boats and 2 tungsten wire baskets;

5. Stainless steel rotating upper sample stage with a diameter of 60mm;

6. The distance between the sample and the evaporation source is 60100mm continuously adjustable;

7. The vacuum chamber is a stainless steel chamber with an outer diameter of 170mm, an inner diameter of 160mm, and a height of 210mm;

8. The pumping interface of the vacuum chamber is KF40;

9. The air inlet interface is a 1/4-inch double ferrule joint, and a stainless steel fine-tuning valve is installed by default to adjust the air intake;

10. The display is a 7-inch color touch screen;

11. The evaporation current can be adjusted, and the evaporation safety current value and safe vacuum value can be set;

12. Safety protection: the evaporation current will be automatically cut off if the vacuum is too low;

13. Ultimate vacuum: 5x10-5Pa (with molecular pump);

14. The vacuum measurement is a resistance gauge vacuum gauge, and its range is: 1105Pa


In order to give full play to the vacuum performance of the cavity, it is recommended to use it with a molecular pump set.

Max power


Evaporation sources

Tungsten wire basket x2

Vacuum chamber

Material: high purity quartz φ180mm x 210mm

Max temp.



B type

Vacuum gauge

Resistance-type vacuum gauge

Vacuum interface


Inlet interface


Overall Dimensions


Optional accessories

Thickness monitor

1. Film thickness resolution: 0.0136Å (aluminum)

2. Film thickness accuracy: ±0.5%, depending on the process conditions, especially the position of the sensor, material stress, temperature and density

3. Measuring speed: 100ms-1s/time, the measuring range can be set: 500000Å (aluminum)

4. Standard sensor crystal: 6MHz

5. Applicable chip frequency: 6MHz Applicable chip size: Φ14mm Mounting flange: CF35

Key parameters

l  Double evaporation source

l  Rotating sample stage

l  Evaporating current 0-100A

l  Adjustable distance between sample stage and evaporation source

l  With molecular pump set, 5E-4Pa

l  With water cooler


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