AME-PDC120 Compact Pneumatic Pouch Cell Die Cutter

Pneumatic Battery Electrode Die Cutter Feature:

replacement of die cutter is convenient, quick, consumable (die cutter is life about 30000 times);
* manual and continuous feeding, automatic discharging, and can automatically separate waste;
* no quality defects such as burrs, off powder, indentation;
* between manual and automatic, high efficiency, 800-2000 / per hour;
* simple operation, safe and reliable, beautiful appearance, small size.


Pneumatic Battery Electrode Die Cutter  



Vertical burr


Horizontal burr


Punching accuracy


feeding way


Max punching size

L120*W80mm Or customized according to requirements

Punching pressure

Max. 1T (0.5MPa compressed air)

Punching the battery electrode recommended pressure 500Kg

equipment production capacity

800-2000 - ea/H die cutting efficiency is lower (sheet material)

Compressed air


If placed in a glove box, the gas used is the same as that used in the glove box.

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