AME-DR Customized Dry Room/Drying Room With Air Shower and Self-cleaning Tunnel

We can customize the design for dry room,based on the customers request.For example,an small lab dry room with 9 square meters ( 100 SF) area and dew point < -40ºC.  
The new two-stage moisture removing technology is applied to the small dry room. For instance, the refrigeration system is at first stage and multi-molecular sieve purification column is at the second stage. 
The technology could remove moisture quietly and save power compared to the conventional dry room. The dry room allows the operator walking in the chamber to work efficiently compared to the glove boxes. 
The 9 square meters area dry room is equivalent to 10 sets of standard glove boxes but at the about 50% cost. 
The walk-in dry room is perfectly designed for the Li-ion battery pilot line.


Features and principle

  • Modular design for easy installation without professionals
  • Made of stainless steel plate with 3 mm thickness
  • Uniformly remove moisture without "dead corner " and "channel effect"
  • Dew Point can reach -40ºC
  • Power saving with quiet operation
  • Only allow one person to operate inside the dry room

 Dry Room Dimension

  • Internal  Area: ~ 9 square meters ( 96.8 square feet )
  • Operation Area: 2,600 mm L x 2,600 mm W x 2,200 mm H
  • Dry room size: 3,000 mm L  x 3,000 mm W  x 3,000 mm H
  • Dehumidification system size: 2,000 mm L x 1,000 mm W x 2,000 mm H
  • Lighting and power cords are built inside the dry room

Power requirement

  • AC 220 V +/- 10%, 50 / 60Hz, Three phases
  • 10 KW Max.
  • Normal enegery comsuption for continuous operation:  7 Kw

Water Cooling Requirement

  • < 7 Celcius degree cooling water


  • Preinstalled in the front of the door 
  • Single person walk-in
  • 10 - 99 second cleaning time adjustable

Control System

  • Purification limitation: Water concentration -40 oC Dew Point with the empty room

Shipping Dimension & Weight

  • TBD


  • One-year limited warranty on lifetime support


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