AME-SRF5L Slurry iron removal filter-5L

The equipment is equipped with two functions of iron removal and vacuum filtration. It is applied to the optimization of the slurry before coating and after the lithium-ion battery positive and negative slurry ingredients.

technical parameter

*Processing content: vacuum filtration, magnetic separation and iron removal, intermittent treatment

*Processing capacity: 5L/time

*Vacuum: Absolute vacuum -65KPa

*Filter specifications: below 1000 mesh, recommended lithium battery 80~120 mesh

*Iron removal capacity 8000~10000 Gauss

*Slurry state recommended viscosity ≤20000CP, solid content 80%

*Power supply: voltage single-phase 100~240VAC±10%, frequency 50Hz/60Hz,

*Power 0.3KW

*Installation size L500×W300×H850mm

*Weight: 30Kg


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