AME-PECVD-R PECVD-Rotating plasma enhanced CVD equipment

Product model: AME-PECVD-R

Basic introduction:

This product is a PECVD-R rotary plasma enhanced CVD equipment. PECVD-RRotating plasma enhanced CVD equipment is very suitable for continuous coating and modification of powder materials by CVD method in an atmosphere protected environment.

Details description:

Rotating PECVD:This product is a plasma-enhanced rotary chemical vapor deposition system (rotating PECVD). The furnace tube adopts a variable-diameter design. The middle tube diameter is relatively thick and there is a mixing baffle. It can repeatedly mix powder or particles with the rotation of the furnace tube. The working tube can be rotated 360° uninterruptedly through mechanical transmission control, so that the materials in the tube can be stirred and mixed to obtain a uniform heating effect; the equipment is also equipped with a plasma generator, which is connected to the furnace tube by inductive coupling, and the generated plasma can cover the furnace tube effectively. Increase the activation energy of the reactants, reduce the reaction temperature, and improve the reaction efficiency. The equipment is equipped with a three-way mass flow meter and a gas mixing device, which can be used to pass a variety of gases into the pipe. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with a high-performance mechanical pump that can quickly evacuate the furnace pipe to vacuum; Kind of CVD process. The rotating device is very suitable for continuous coating and modification of powder materials by CVD method in an atmosphere protected environment.

Technical parameter:

Double temperature zone tube furnace

Product number


equipment power


Furnace tube material

High purity quartz

Furnace tube size

Φ60*420+Φ100*360+Φ60*420mm (quartz shaped tube)

Furnace length


Heating zone length


Operating temperature


Limit temperature


Temperature control accuracy


Thermocouple type

K-type thermocouple

Temperature control mode

30-segment program temperature control, PID parameter self-tuning

Display mode

HD full-color LCD touch screen

Sealing method

304 stainless steel vacuum flange

Power supply

AC: 220V 50/60Hz

spinning speed




3-way mass flow meter

Product number


Flowmeter type

Mass flowmeter

Number of gas paths

3 way

Measuring range

A way: 0~100sccm; B way: 0~200 sccm; C way: 0~500 sccm

measurement accuracy


Working pressure difference


Pipeline interface

1/4 inch compression fitting

powered by

AC220V 50/60Hz

Vacuum system

Vacuum pump

Bipolar rotary vane pump

Pumping speed


Suction port


Pump ultimate vacuum


powered by

AC220V 50/60Hz

RF power supply

Signal frequency


Power output range


*Large reflected power


RF output interface

50Ω, N-Type, female

Power stability



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