AME-GL01/GL02 Two working station glove box with H2O and O2 less than 0.1ppm

AME-GL01/GL02 Stainless steel glove box designed for researchers in material science, chemistry, semiconductor, and related topics. The purification cylinder is made of antioxidant materials from Germany and water adsorbent materials from the US in order to achieve a low water and oxygen concentration of lower than 1ppm, such that experiments can be conducted in an ultra-clean and highly purified gas environment. It is integrated with vapor pressure control system, gas purification system, automatic gas regeneration control system, auto alarm, and system data log recording.


Glove box(Single module box can be flange-connected together)

   * Single Module Dimension,

L*W*H=1800*750*900mm  (4 -glove system, single side operation).

* Body material, 304 stainless steel, acid resistant, 3mm thickness;

* Windows, Safety glass;

* Glove ports POM((Polyoxymethylen), 220 mm dia. O-ring sealed

* Gloves, Butyl, 8” Cuff Dia. 0.015”thickness ;32”length;

* Dust Filter: 0.3 um ,1 gas inlet and 1 gas outlet filter;

* Shelves, Stainless, 2 layers ,mounted inside;

* External Fluorescent lights, 1 set for each module box;

* 1 electrical feedthrough, 2~3 blind-flange, KF 40 for each module box.

Main antechamber

* 1 Big Cylindrical type antechamber,  made of stainless steel 304 ;

Dia.360mm, length =600mm, right  or left side;

* With sliding tray inside the antechamber;

* Spindle lock  door, vertical operation with lifting mechanism;

* Touch screen automatic operation via solenoid.

Mini antechamber

* 1 Mini Cylindrical type chamber , make of stainless steel 304;

 Dia. 150mm, length=300mm(100 mm access into the glove box ),

right or left  side;

* Screw-lock door;

* Manual operation via hand valve.

Gas purification system

* Removal of H2O and O2;

* Container material: Stainless steel 304;

* Absorber unit:  Copper catalyst: 4.5Kg, Molecular sieve:4.5Kg;

* Attainable purity: H2O  less than 1ppm, O2  less than 1ppm;

* Capsulated blower, 90m3/h, with frequency converter;

* Regeneration, PLC automatic control all process including heating, filling mix gas (working gas / 5-10%H2 mixture), etc.

System Control

*  Programmable logic controller(PLC);

* With features of circulation control, purging control, regeneration controlpressure control, as well as self-diagnosis, power failure restart, password protection, etc.;

* Siemens 7 inch colour touch screen, with Chinese/English operation interface, indicate running status, box pressure, moisture and oxygen value  and system record., etc.;

* The pressure in the glove box  can be controlled either by PLC or foot pedal.

The pressure can be set between +/- 10mbar,in case of over +/- 12mbar the system will be protected automatically.

* Various valves to be integrated into a valve-seat made of stainless steel,

less pipe connectors to reduce leakage.

Vacuum Pump

* 1 Rotary vane pump, with oil mist filter, and gas ballast control;

capacity: 8m3 /h , dual stage, ultimate vacuum 3x10-2mbar.


* Customized box sizes;

* High capacity purifier with 145 m3/h Blower

Copper catalyst: 8 Kg

  Molecular sieve:8 Kg

* Another side antechamber;

* Big antechamber, Dia. 400 mm, Length 600mm

* Polycarbonate windows;

* Antechamber interlocked door;

* Small chamber with sliding tray;

* With only antechamber purging, no vacuum;

* Antechamber refilling from Gas cylinder instead of box;

* Rectangular antechamber;

*Flexible shelves,adjustable up & down,

                 adjustable back & forth;

* 12m3/h,16m3/h Rotary pump;

* Dry scroll pump;

* Prompt service;

*Others on request.


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