Thermal Evaporator connected Glove box AME-MK-VN-450

Thermal Evaporator

Components of the equipment:

ANGO450 Base System (Advanced PC/PLC Automation) System Frame and Enclosure

• Built on a powder-coated solid welded steel enclosure with a compact footprint

•Access to the cabinet is provided through removable and swing-out panels Vacuum Chamber

•400mmW×400mmD×450mm H: SUS304 high vacuum box chamber

• Glass bead blast finish on chamber surfaces

• Hinged chamber front door for easy internal access

• Large viewport offset to reduce material deposition

•One set removable stainless steel debris shields Safety and Certifications

• Field evaluated to meet CSA SPE-1000 certification

• A detailed safety, alert and interlock system helps protect users as well as the equipment

• The interlock system is a complete set of hardware interlocks managed with a separate safety circuit on a safety rated relay as well as a set of software interlocks

• A 3-light beacon provides a visual indicator of system status System Control with Aeres

• PC control station with Windows 10 Professional running on an industrial PLC

• Angstrom Aires software for unified machine And deposition control built on .NET framework

• Aeres provides you with complete control over each element of your deposition process

• A single complete recipe that controls pressure, gas flows deposition source control and fixturing.

• Aeres complete process integration improves process consistency from run to run and from user to user

• Aeres will accelerate your process development through tight process control and consistency and ensure that an established process is well controlled

• With Aeres you will be able to load your parts and materials and let the machine run the process

• The system provides an auto-sequence mode and manual mode

• Includes a robust user account system with various security and access levels

• Remote connectivity available on all Aeres systems for training and diagnostic support

• Efficient power management

Upgrade for Glovebox Integration

• Adds sliding door for direct mounting to a glovebox

• Hinged rear access door allows chamber access from the room side

Pator HPV-1300Z hybrid bearing turbopump Inlet Flange:

ISO 200 / CF 200Pumping

Speed L/S (N):1,300

Compression Ratio (N):> 10/9

Compression Ratio (H):1 x10/3

Ultimate Pressure(mbar):10-9

Startup Time(min):6

Rotational Speed (rpm):24,000

Orientation: Any Backing

Pressure (mbar):1.5

Outlet Flange:KF40

Weight (lb):64

Controller Input Voltage:220V

Pator TRP-36 Rotary Vane 10 cfm Vacuum Pump

1.Excellent ultimate vacuum and pumping speed.

2.Low noise and vibration.

3.Displacement Speed: 540L/min 50Hz 640L/min 60Hz

4.Without gas ballast Patial pressure: 4×10-4Mbar

5.Inlet Port: 25/40KF

Water Cooled Resistive Thermal Evaporator: Useful for removing excessive heat during very

high temperature and long duration depositions Priced per feedthrough (2 are required per source)

Point Source Evaporator Deposition Sources (2 metal sources + 2 organic sources ) for

Organic and metal deposition Materials LED-03 or 04 Evaporator Deposition Sources

• Temperature PID Controller with control to ±0.1°C

• 3cc crucible witha 1cc charge capacity

• High purity alumina crucible included, liners sold separately

• Temperature range0-600°C• Control source via temperature or deposition rate

Power supply thermal evaporation Phase-angle fired,

SCR controller with soft-start 0–100% adjustable voltage/power output Over-current trip response within 10 ms of event Near 1 second ramp-up of SCR control signal reduce scold start surge Local and remote setpoint control Bar graph display on front panel shows level of control signal to SCR Optional RS-232 interface for remote PID control

Output Power: 2Kw

Input Voltage: 120 VAC / 240 V AC

Input Current: Up to 20 amps

Output Current: Up to 20 amps

LTE Series Power supply Type-K thermocouple input connectors

standard (others available)Digital temperature and set point Phase-angle fired SCR output Integrated current transducer RS-232 interface for remote PID control

Output Power:200W

Input Voltage:120/240 V

AC Output Voltage:12 V

Input Current:2 amps @ 120 VAC/1 amp @ 240 VAC

Thin Film Deposition SQM-160 Thin Film Deposition Monitor Thickness and rate: ± 0.37 Å

Power:100-120/200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 W

The sensor is mounted to a rigid bracket to prevent loss of calibration if accidentally moved The sensor is water-cooled to improve reading accuracy

Masking Capable Substrate Stage Assembly

• Precision dowel pins for substrate transfer and mask alignment

• Suitable for 100mm x 100mm or Ø150mm or smaller pieces

• Custom sample holders available upon request

• Source to substrate distance varies with configuration

• 0-50 RPM continuous rotation capability

Split 2-Piece Substrate Shutter

• Automatic process controlled pneumatic shutters

• Uses high quality magnetic fluid rotary feedthroughs

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