AME-149B-650 Automatic electrode die cutting machine

The electrodes are unrolled in rolls, and the deviation correction is controlled to ensure the accuracy of the electrodes during the punching process;
PV tape is used for die-cutting and feeding and cutter pads to ensure good die-cutting effects of electrodes;
Adopt upper and lower eight-column punching power head device, stable operation, high precision of upper and lower die plane;
The electrode is removed by a suction cup, which is convenient for group removal and transfer of the electrode. The two sides take the material method, and the efficiency is high; using the touch screen input, various parameters and displays can be set.
The electrode is formed by die-cutting, and each electrode only needs to be replaced with the knife mold, which is convenient to change the model;
Cross-cut area area size: 650×520mm;
Maximum number of pieces: 2~6 pieces;
Equipment operating efficiency: 30 times/min, bilateral reclaiming method;
electrode forming efficiency: 30 times/minute (determined according to the length and size of the electrode);
Forming dimensional accuracy of electrode: ±0.1mm
Accuracy of forming edge burr: ≤0.03mm;
Cutting edge powder drop range: <0.5mm;
Pulling accuracy: ±0.2mm;
Longitudinal deviation correction accuracy: ±0.5mm;
Forming method: laser knife mold (the gap between the knife and the knife is about 2mm)

Tool life: ≈30,000 times 

The man-machine interface has setting parameters for the number of electrodes, with error display prompt function; automatic counting function;
The electrode has a correction device;
Relying on the paper backing PV film belt and driving the pressure roller to move up and down through the knife mold to complete accurate die cutting; the size of the die-cut electrode is determined by the upper knife edge. During the die cutting process, the electrode is covered on the paper backing PV film , It is convenient to protect the cutter and discharge.
Main engine lubrication method: automatic circulating oil supply
Punching stroke: 25mm;
Punching pressure: ≤8T 

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