AME-MC80 Portable Pliers Coin Cell Disc Cutter Tool for Lab Battery Electrode

Applicable materials: battery separators, ordinary paper, plastic bags, screen savers, PVC soft films and other thin, soft materials for punching and sampling, the knife edge is neat and clean without burrs. The distance from hole to edge is 1-20MM, and the depth of paper feeding can be controlled by yourself.

The cutter head can be customized, which takes about three days, and complex stamping dies can also be customized.

The new customized multi-function punching machine can freely replace the cutter head. A punching machine with different types of cutter heads should meet the various needs of mobile phone film opening. The operation is simple and convenient, and the cost is much lower than a single punching machine. It can be said to be a major innovation. All kinds of materials, ordinary paper, plastic bags, screensaver film, PVC soft film, battery separator, etc.! ! !

Long hole: 3*8MM 3*10MM 3*13MM 3*15MM 3*18MM 3*22MM

Rectangular hole: 6*15MM 6*19MM 9*15MM 9*19MM 10*10MM

Round hole: 3MM 4MM 5MM 6MM 7MM 8MM 10MM 12MM 12.5MM 13MM 15MM (diameter)

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