Four-sided micro-groove applicator with glass platform

Four-sided micro-groove coater film forming method is also a kind of Doctor blading film forming technology. The four-sided micro-groove applicator is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, with special fine grinding and mirror polishing on the surface, which has an excellent anti-corrosion effect. The four-sided micro-groove applicator is engraved with grooves of different depths on the four surfaces, and the grooves can be used to scrape coating films of different thicknesses. In recent years, with the development of optoelectronic material technology, coating film forming technology has also been widely used in the film formation of functional materials during the preparation of photoelectric devices such as polymer solar cells/organic solar cells and electrochromic devices. It has the characteristics of less materials, simple use, and rapid film formation. Because Doctor blading film formation technology and Roll-to-Roll film formation technology have great similarities, slit coating film formation technology is also often used to determine the film formation performance and device performance of the material before the device Roll-to-Roll preparation. test.

1) The coating table uses high-flatness glass as the coating table to ensure the flatness of the coating and facilitate cleaning
2) Stainless steel fixing clip can effectively prevent the sliding of the substrate during coating
3) Equipped with leveling foot pads, which can adapt to the use on uneven test benches
4) The applicator has (5μm, 10μm, 15μm, 20μm), (25μm, 50μm, 75μm, 100μm), (30μm, 60μm, 90μm, 120μm), (50μm, 75μm, 100μm, 150μm), (100μm, 150μm) , 200μm, 250μm) five models are available (the depth of the microgrooves on the four sides of a coater in parentheses), the total length of the coater is 100mm, and the width of the coating film is 80mm
5) Coating table area: 35cm*19cm
6) Coatable area: 28cm*19cm 


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