AME Energy's vision is to provide quality, creative solutions to companies from R&D to commercialization at an affordable price. AME Energy provides R&D equipment to build coin or pouch cells to support research efforts and complete pilot/ manufacturing for full scale commercialization. Our engineers and sales team provide clients with the best customer service solutions starting from initial equipment design up to final equipment installation at your facility. We will share our expertise and help you select the right equipment to optimize your battery manufacturing process.

When it comes to processing electrodes we have supplied wet coating solutions and dry processes for chemistries including Lithium Ion, Primary Lithium, Nickel based systems and super capacitors. Our equipment comes in manual mode, semi-automatic or fully automated mode.

With our breadth of experience, we can help our clients find economical manual equipment for proof of concept experiments or a completely automated solution for manufacturing.

Our experienced team can design and customize equipment solutions to help you meet your manufacturing quantity demands and add value to your company.