Super Glove Box with H2O&O2<0.1ppm

Super Glove Box with H2O&O2<0.1ppm

L x D x H=1220 x 750 x900mm

Single workstation system, with integrate Gas purification system(1 absorber), with PLC and HMI, incl. In and outward transfer automation, vacuum pump, integrated in pedestal single closed case, inclined operation sides and replaceable sight glass. In standard case that is 200C constant temperature, 1 standard atmosphere pressure, relative humidity(RH)  is 65%, 99.999% inert gas supply, H2O, O2<1ppm.

Basic equipment

* 1 house made of 304 stainless steel, acid resistant,

3mm thickness

* 1 vacuum chamber made of stainless steel ø 360mm,

length =600mm, right side

* 1 Mini antechamber Dia. 150mm, length=300mm, right side

* 1 sight tempered glass window with 2  glove ports

* 1 pair of gloves made of Butyl.,

* 1 lighting system

* 1 electrical feedthrough 220v

* 1 High performance ventilator 90m3/h,with frequency converter

* 1 Vacuum pump 8m3/h

* 3 blind flanges DN 40

* Rollers for stand

* Foot switch

* 1 set of moisture analyser,Grade G,range:0-500ppm

* 1 set of oxygen analyzer ,zro2 sensor,  range:0-1000ppm

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